Collective Bodies As Rhetorical Agents

Hong Kong

Taiwan, 2014.

Hong Kong

Taiwan, 2014.

Tahrir Square, Egypt

Washington DC, USA. Rally to end Vietnam War.


One thought on “Collective Bodies As Rhetorical Agents

  1. From reading this blog it has opened my eyes to the way technology has been introduced to the world. From when the television was brought into the world to when the internet was introduced, we were promised how these things would help us to be closer to our government. Instead these new forms of technology have taken a new approach in our lives. Instead of the approach the internet was supposed to be used for, it has turned into a different kind of communication. A way of communication that is more so to speak you mind, without being seen by government officials. A way to talk to people from across the world. I feel instead of making us closer and helping us understand our government more, the new ways our technology is being used is making us grow farther and farther away from our government.

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